Which Gaming Console Your Should Buy In 2015?

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It is that time of the year again and you are foraging for new games and new experiences. You might have done a preliminary research on the web and came across a whole lot of new gaming consoles that all seems interesting and challenging. But, as a gaming freak, it is never easy to pick one since every console seems to have something that the other doesn’t. This results in a perpetual dilemma making you swing back and forth like a tennis ball. You wouldn’t want to end up buying something only to discover later that you made the wrong choice. So here is what we are going to do to let you make an informed decision. We will list out all the popular gaming consoles available in the market today with its features and games. By carefully vetting those, you would be able to identify which would suit you in the best way.

Xbox One:

Which Gaming Console Your Should Buy In 2015?

First things first, the Xbox didn’t exactly get off to a flying start when it was first launched in 2013. It has had a few hiccups back then, but not for long. With its next version, they made up for the low key first version. Today, Xbox is one of the most preferred gaming consoles for game enthusiasts worldwide. Added to this is the fact that they have a better controller, better platform and cheaper prices than its competitors. If you don’t already own an Xbox One, now would be a good time to pick one.

Playstation 4

Which Gaming Console Your Should Buy In 2015?

The Playstation gaming console from Sony needs no introductions unless you are from Mars. Such has been the popularity that this gaming console has generated ever since its inception. The staggering numbers in their online communities attests to the fact that this cult has cut across national and language barriers and became a truly globalized gaming console. The PS4 is the latest of the lot and expectedly, is a blockbuster in every sense of the word. Packed with mind blowing games and features, you can expect full value for your money. With games like Halo, Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Age Inquisition and Gears of War, most people don’t find the need to look beyond a Sony PS 4 when it comes to a gaming console purchase.

Wii U

Which Gaming Console Your Should Buy In 2015?

This gaming console from Nintendo didn’t turn many heads when it hit the markets. People were generally confused what exactly this device was. But once they realized it promises the best of Sony and Microsoft at a better price, it didn’t take them long to fall for this incredibly feature-rich device. The credit for turning around the concept of a gaming console can be claimed by none other than Nintendo. Questions, however, has been raised on the limited number of games available on the Wii U and the falling sales numbers isn’t exactly a positive sign. But, nonetheless, if you are looking for a decent gaming experience, Wii U guarantees that.


Which Gaming Console Your Should Buy In 2015?

The Nintendo 3DS has come a long way since it first hit the markets in 2011, both feature wise and consumer wise. It has gradually added thousands of new gamers to its kitty worldwide. As with all Nintendo products, the 3DS offers excellent features, latest technology and user friendly interface. The rising number of members in their social media platforms is a ringing endorsement to this fact.


Which Gaming Console Your Should Buy In 2015?

The Playstation Vita, with its huge library of addictive games and uniquely designed ports has won a lot of gaming hearts across the globe. It is as good as any gaming console out there when it comes to a decent gaming experience, challenging levels, mesmerizing graphics and head spinning game speed. They revisited the concept of consoles with the handheld Playstation Vista.


Which Gaming Console Your Should Buy In 2015?

Last but not the least; one can also consider PC as an extended gaming console. With the right display, configuration, controllers and graphics, a PC can be as good as any gaming console out there. Although this is an idea that is still catching up among gamers, there is no reason to believe that someday it won’t be the most preferred choice for gaming enthusiasts.

We hope the information listed above will help you make an informed decision. Happy gaming!

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