The Best Discounts and Deals Available to University or College Students

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As you go through life, you hit certain age demographics that give you certain privileges and perks. Think back (or forward, depending on your age) in time. When you were young, you could join all those birthday clubs at businesses like McDonald’s and Burger King which would net you a free Happy Meal or burger on your birthday.

Then you became a teenager and, at certain ages, earned more privileges. Remember your first driver’s license? Or that time you turned 18 and became an “adult.” And then when you turned 21 and became a “real adult” and could buy alcohol for the first time?

Yes, every age group has certain perks. Even when you’re older and retired, you get senior discounts. But there is one demographic that gets its members discounts and deals, and it has nothing to do with age.

That’s right. If you’re a university or college student, you have the opportunity to rack up some amazing discounts, deals, perks and privileges for being a college student, no matter what your age! As a university student, I’m broke and I know that you are most likely low on cash, as well. That’s the stereotype of college students, and it is usually true.

I’ll show you how to keep some of your hard earned cash in your wallet and pocket while still going out and having fun. This is because, as university students, you can get all sorts of deals and discounts on stuff like food or clothes.

I’ve signed up for numerous deal programs for university students. Some of them were great. Some of them were just short of being a scam. Rather than making you wade through all these student deals to find out what’s worth it, I’ve listed the top three student discounts and deals for college students.

College Student Deal and Discount #1: Sign up for the Student Advantage Discount Card at I actually just heard about this program and I’ve already saved $45 on a purchase that I was going to make anyway.

Yesterday, I was buying a jacket online at Armani Exchange. During the checkout procedure, I saw a line for me to enter my “Student Advantage Promo Code.” Curious, I looked up the Student Advantage Discount Card program and found out that I could save 15% on all my purchases at Armani Exchange. That’s quite a bit, especially when your purchase is rather large. I signed up and saved myself $45, and then realized that the Student Advantage Discount Card program offers a LOT of great deals for anyone who is a college or university student.

For example, you can get 15% off of any AMTRAK purchase, or 10% off of Urban Outfitters. Looking to spruce up your dorm room? Buy a poster or a photograph from and get another 15% off. If it’s Valentine’s Day or your girlfriend’s birthday, you can get another 15% off at 1-800-FLOWERS.

Student Advantage offers discounts on almost every sort of purchase imaginable, from books at Barnes and Noble to magazines to internet service. Best of all, the program only costs $20 a year, and you instantly start making that money back. The program is definitely worth it. If you sign up on the Student Advantage website (, you get a $10 rebate on your first purchase. So you can easily see how it all adds up and makes this one of the best student deal programs available.

College Student Money Saver #2: Need a new computer? I did last year and discovered that Apple Computer offers huge discounts on all of their desktop computers and laptop computers, including the iMac and the perennial favorite among college students: The Apple MacBook. I got an instant $200 off of my MacBook, and you can even get instant discounts on stuff like computer software and iPods. You can get the student deal by going to and clicking on “Education.” They even have deals for homeschoolers and high school students. If you’re looking for steep discounts on your next laptop or desktop computer, this is the best–and easiest–route to go. Other computer manufacturers offer discounts, including HP and Dell, but I found that Apple’s computers offered the best deals for college students.

University Student Travel Deals #3: If you want cheap travel deals for spring break or summer vacations, STA Travel ( is the best student discount travel program that I could find. For example, I could book an airplane flight to Paris for a mere $600, and that’s a round-trip ticket. Or, if you want a very exotic spring break, you could go to Bangkok (Asia) for only $75 more than that.

If you want local travel for very cheap, and don’t mind going to random cities, visit You enter in the airport and date that you want to leave, and they list cheap flights to different cities. For my spring break, my friend and I found cheap flights to New York City, New York from Seattle for only $200 (roundtrip). What a great college deal!

Take advantage of your university and college student deals before you graduate. It’s a great way to save serious money while still having fun as a college student.

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