Technology and Its Role In Personal Development

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Personal development includes physical development, development in mental faculties, positivist, motivational level and improved intelligence quotient. Thanks to modern day technology specially internet all these aspects are being improved drastically by the help of tools and applications of these technology. Let us see how this is being done.


Technology is, if used rightly a great teacher. It helps us learn and grow as a person. As it keeps us updated with the latest trends and news, we are more able to share our knowledge with others, stating facts and thus, seeming knowledgeable and learned. We can use technology to make our sense of fashion better and more sensible without the need of getting advice from a professional. Generally, it helps us become more presentable in front of others in all regards.


Through technology a lot of awareness is spread about a lot of critical issues. People are thus, more up to date and thus they are more active than before in taking action against social norms that should not prevail. Thus “together we can make a difference” is now a catchword used commonly which is a very positive thing. It means people are being directed in the right direction instead of wandering doing worthless things.


Technology helps us take correct decisions about almost everything whether it is choosing the best university for yourself, or best course to evensuch trivial things as most durable battery cells. It is acting as our best “free” guide. This helps in confidence building as you might otherwise have fallen for a wrong decision for yourself and thus ruined your entire future which would have shattered your personality.


Technology undoubtedly has reduced the distances between people enormously. We are always connected with our loved ones. Being connected helps us sharing everyday incidents with each other and it’s an agreed by all fact that socializing aids suppressing manifestation of depression. Also, healthy competition is encouraged through technology-based socialism which is very important for personal development.


There are many online courses which in return of a handful amount of fees provide you with valuable instructions that groom your overall personality.These curses are generally found to be very efficient in helping you let go of traits and habits which act as hindrances towards your growth and bring out a better you. The counselors hired are experts and very friendly.


There are many apps which are staunchly acknowledged as ideal apps which help people remain motivated and inspired to do something productive every day. These apps are promising and they make their users believe to see a striking change in their health and body shapes.


There are some very interesting apps developed specially for better cognitive functioning. They offer exercises which test your processing and reflex speeds, problem solving skills, and intelligence quotient. Consequently, the users experience better focus at work and do better generally in everything.


This article is written by Thomas Fernandez who is a writer Aone Assignments – offers writing help by profession but is also a well-known artist. His work is appreciated by many and is a source of great inspiration. His work mainly focuses on bringing out positive changes with available resources in society.

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