Summer Reading Fun!

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Summer is here, but our brains can’t go on summer vacation! Your brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised everyday just like your biceps! Try reading one (or all) of these books this summer and your brain will be in tip top shape come September!

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1. Cam Jansen and the Birthday Mystery by David A. Adler

This book and all the books in the Cam Jansen series are fantastic for emergent readers who are beginning to make the transition into chapter books. In this book Cam is on her way to a birthday party with her parents when the present they are bringing is stolen. Cam has to use her great memory and fantastic detective skills to solve the crime and recover the gift.

2. Freckle Juice by Judy Blume

Freckle Juice is a book about a boy named Andrew who really wants freckles. In fact, he wants them sooo bad her buys a recipe for Freckle Juice from a girl named Sharon. When Andrew makes and tries to use the Freckle Juice, strange things start happening!

Judy Blume books make great gifts.

3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Ronald Dahl

This is a very fun and wild story about a crazy factory owner who lets people into his chocolate factory for the first time in ten years. When Charlie finds a golden ticket, he has no idea what to expect! Travel with Charlie into the factory and see all the fun and surprised he gets to experience. You will not be disappointed when you go on this fun adventure!

Added Bonus: After reading the book, children can watch the movie and compare their similarities and differences.

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4. Summer Reading is Killing Me! by Jon Scieszka

Three best friends, Sam, Joe and Fred, are not looking forward to completing their summer reading. When they stick the list in an old book, something very strange happens. They find themselves in the middle of the very stories they are supposed to be reading! They run into a lot of fun and familiar storybook characters. Some are friendly, some are not so friendly, but they all helped add to a wonderful journey!

5. CDB by William Steig

This is a very fun and exciting book. Each page consists of a few letters and a brilliant illustration. It is up to you to figure out what they author is trying to say. Let’s look at the title. CDB is actually See The Bee? This wonderful book is guaranteed to get little minds whirling as well as enticing a laugh or two. You will definitely find you child sitting with this book repeating the letters over and over until they solve each message!

6. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett

Interesting, exciting and creative! Listen to a grandfather tall his grandchildren a story from when he was younger and he stumbles upon a town named Chewandswallow. Food was falling from the sky and no one had to worry about what to eat or who would make it. Then all of a sudden the food starts getting bigger and bigger! They have no where to put it and the town is overflowing!

Extra Bonus: The sequel Pickles to Pittsburgh is equally wonderful!

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