Planning a Surprise Graduation Party for College Student on a Budget

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College graduations for many are quickly approaching. Many families are finding that their budgets are still really tight. This does not mean that you can not plan to have a nice celebration for your graduate. With a little bit of advance planning, you should have no problem planning a great celebration for your children.

The first thing you will want to do is set up a budget. Your budget should consist of money that you already have in the bank. It may be best to avoid placing the money on your credit card. Running up more credit will only hurt you in the long run, and turn a happy event into an unhappy event. If you find that your funds are very low there is another option. You can try getting together with some of your close family members and seeing if they can contribute to the graduation budget. If you can get several people in the family to contribute this may help. If you do ask family members to help out avoid setting an amount for them to donate. Just be happy with whatever amount you receive. Once you have a set amount of funds you can move onto the next phase of planning your affordable graduation party.

The next step is finding your location. Hall rentals are usually a very expensive choice. Restaurants are sometimes a good option if you plan the party early. Some restaurants will allow you to have the party before they open, or after they close. This way you will avoid interfering with their regular business. To avoid the high cost of food you can choose appetizers and drinks. Remember that if you keep it simple you will find that you spend a lot less money.

Another affordable option is to try hosting your event at a local park, or someone’s yard. It really does depend on what your graduate likes. Since it is a surprise try talking with some of their friends to see what location may be best. When it comes to college graduations there really is no need for decorations. At this age music, and the food is really more important.

For female graduates, you may want to add some flowers to the décor and use their favorite colors on some of the tables. Keep in mind that girls like a little bit of elegant décor to add to the party festivities. If you don’t want to order food, you can instead have some of your guests make meals and bring them. This will help to keep the expenses affordable. The last tip to keep in mind is that if you plan the graduation party early you will be able to save even more money.

Most college students are well aware of what they scored on finals and whether they will be graduating well before, graduation day. Some families even choose to hold their graduation party before graduation actually takes place. Remember that there are many different ways to save money. The key is to just be able to spot the money saving opportunities when they present themselves.

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