Good Research Paper Topics For Psychology

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Needing a topic for your abnormal psychology research paper? Scouring the internet for ideas on what to write about for your psychology essay or term paper? Want a topic that is unique but easy to write about? Here are a few suggestions and ideas for your research paper.

This article is a supplement to “5 Psychology Research Paper Topic Ideas.” If you are needing some additional ideas, please click here to read it.

Psychology Research Paper or Speech Idea #1: Somnabulism: It’s Causes, Effects and Treatment

Somnabulism is the medical term for sleepwalking. In this term paper you can discuss the causes of sleepwalking, such as sleep deprivation. You might also discuss tragic effects of sleepwalking including sleepwalking crimes. (Google “sleepwalking crimes” for more information.) One book to consider reading is Understanding Sleep: The Evaluation and Treatment of Sleep Disorders by Mark Pressman.

Psychology Research Paper or Speech Idea #2: Group Therapy With Children

In this research paper you can discuss the benefits of group therapy with children. You might limit it to group therapy with grieving children, children who have been abused, etc. It would be highly beneficial to get an expert quote on this topic. There are numerous books and articles available on this topic.

Psychology Research Paper Idea #3: Anorexia in Males

Anorexia is one of the most well known psychological disorders, and chances are your professor has read several papers about it. However, he/she might not have read many research paper on anorexia in males. You can discuss causes, treatment and statistics about this disease. One book worth reading is My Life as a Male Anorexic by Michael Krasnow.

Psychology Research Paper Idea #4: Light Therapy for Depression

This is a hot, trendy topic that will be intriguing to write about. You can discuss how light therapy can help depressed individuals, statistics behind it and more. One informative article to start with is “Light Therapy: An Effective Alternative Treatment to Beat Depression.”

Psychology Research Paper Idea #5: Sexual Addiction Treatments and Medication

A fifth interesting subject for a psychology research paper is sexual addiction treatments. You can discuss the types of inpatient and outpatients treatments, as well as medication, studies and more. There are numerous books about this topic such as Clinical Management of Sex Addiction by Patrick J. Carnes.

These are just five psychology research paper topics to select from, or help you choose your own. It is highly recommended that you try to get an expert quote for your paper. For advice on finding a psychologist, psychiatrist or other mental health professional to interview, please read “How to Find a Psychologist or Mental Health Professional for a Quote for a Psychology Research Paper.”

To help generate some more ideas, you might take a look at “Sociology Research Paper Topic Ideas.”

Research papers in any class can help you master material and learn necessary knowledge for your future career. Happy Writing!

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