Argumentative Essays: Purpose, How-To’s, and More

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At some point in your academic career, you will be asked to write an argumentative essay. The purpose of this assignment is to help you articulate your thoughts, beliefs, and insights on a particular subject to a group of readers.

You will want to make sure that your information is concise, organized, and well written to ensure understanding on the part of your reader, and that they can clearly see your viewpoint ‘” with the information that you have shared.

Generally, you will be assigned an essay topic that aligns with the goals of the instructor’s lesson and assignment. This is to ensure that you can stay focused when writing in a variety of essay topics and that you remain objective towards your audience, which is essential when writing argumentative essays. It is valuable to remain formal when preparing for an argumentative essay and to not get tied up in the emotional side of your topic, especially if it is something you are extremely passionate about. Teachers prefer assigning topics that can cause emotions and distract from what’s important here, for example topics on teenage pregnancy or abortion, political opinions, etc . You want to ensure you can write about your topic with a level-head and clear thinking.

As with any formal writing, you will need to include resources and references. This is extremely valuable to why we write argumentative essays, because the resources validate our view. This is important since many individuals are not truly sure where they have come up with their views or why they believe certain things. Locating references that express the same views as ours is extremely beneficial in an argumentative piece.

When we write essays that require such poignant facts as in the argumentative essay, we can clearly debate our view, with an objective sense in our writing. We can share our views, providing valid resources, and share point blank why the opposing view is not correct. We can share personal stories, insight, and statistics to clarify a viewpoint and show the reader that we are knowledgeable about the topic we are arguing.

Many argumentative essays are assigned prior to an actual debate. When you organize your thoughts in such a manner to write an essay on the topic, it is easy to make the segue to prepare for a speech or public debate, whether in class or outside of class. You might then be posed questions. Due to the research you have already compiled for your work, you will be inclined to answer with the information you’ve been privy to, since you already have great resources.

You start to familiarize yourself more with the resources available, study and can then engage an audience with. The more resources and reference information you have poured into your argumentative essay, the better capable you will be of arguing your points in front of others in debate. Discuss where your views lie and why. This is the main objective in the argumentative essay and a great tool for educator’s to help writers with research and writing skills.

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