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Many students have met with an Academic Counselor for a grad and credit check. To my surprise the session was not only satisfying with the session but also received some great advice on my academic studies. The counselor not only explained to me how my classes transferred in but also told me how many units was needed for my major and hints on how to keep up with my school work. She told me to take my upper divisions classes but also take one elective class each quarter that really interested me and that would be enjoying.

She also suggested into picking a minor that can coincide with my major which is Sociology. She showed me different options of different minors that offered classes that could also at the same time credit my requirement for my major. She also suggested keeping records of all my assignment grades for each class for future references and emergencies. This session helped me plan for my classes I’m going to take in the future, and also opened me to the option of taking a minor which I didn’t even consider until going to the Social Science counseling center.

All students no matter what major they are, should consider going to there counseling office and talk to a counselor. It will not only help you find out what classes to take but it will help organize you’re academic goals. Counselors can help you decide what field and career to go into. They also are very encouraging when students have stress and are having obstacles or problems in their classes. Counselor’s offer several suggestions in how to deal with classes. Students who go to counseling sessions leave knowing their future goals, and there academic status. Sessions can help students do better in class because they know what their plans are.

You may wonder how to go about getting an appointment and seeing you’re counselor. Usually all schools have a counseling office. You can find out where this office is located in you’re school directory or school’s website. After finding where the office is located you either can go to the counseling office and make an appointment or you can call the office and make one on the phone. After making an appointment you should make a list of questions you would like to ask the counselor before going to talk to them.

When you go to your appointment be sure to take a notebook with you to take notes on what the counselor tells you. Make sure to read your list of questions, and then ask the counselor if there is any more advice they would like to give you. Seeing a school counselor is very important, and it is good to make an appointment with one at least two or three times in a school year. So if you are a student and a flustered or don’t know what to do about your academic future then go talk to a professional counselor in your campus that can help you.

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