7 Ways To Earn Extra Money In College

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It was a beautiful Spring morning, birds were chirping in the air, signs of fresh new life all about, and cool humid air was all around us from a recent rain. However my group of friends would have no part in it, and instead chose to participate in a university sponsored LAN party, we hauled all our computers to the space we had rented and played Warcraft 3.

A few hours into gaming we realized it was lunch time! After a quick debate as to where the gang should go, we settled on McDonalds. So we all hopped in a vehicle got out, and one of my buddies didn’t order anything. I asked him of he wasn’t hungry, and he told me he didn’t have any money to buy anything, so I bought him a sandwich.

It’s simply amazing how many undergraduates consider themselves very broke. A lot of these individuals were supported by their parents and just never figured out that they actually have to work to pay for life. Others are just crippled by tuition payments and drowning in credit card debt. In order to help you alleviate your financial woes while in college, here are a few simple ways to make some extra scratch while attending a university.

First, this is so obvious, but it has to be mentioned, get a job. If you think you are “too busy” to get a job while in school, you are probably lying and don’t manage time well. Even if you are very busy you can be a computer lab monitor or a tutor. These people always have plenty of down time which can be used to do homework.

Of course it’s just as important to know where not to go to make extra money, because many ventures will leave students high, dry and in debt. Vector Marketing/CutCo Knives workers often make very little and have to invest in up front. Other multi-level-marketing organizations have similar woes. Most of the “Earn money online” gigs take a very long time to make anything worthwhile. Of course there are a few exceptions such as Upwork and serious private companies such as Prescott Papers and Nintendo, but the majority of sites aren’t worth participating in. Be sure to research anything online you are thinking about joining and doing before jumping in.

If the National Forensics League is big among high-schools in the area, contact one of the coaches on the team, they are often looking for judges and pay about $100 per weekend, or $50 for a one day tournament. Of course you will have to learn a bit about debate before you can do this, but there is free food and usually they purchase a hotel room for you!

Have an old cell phone lying around? There are a number of web sites online that are willing to purchase them. They will male you a box, you drop your cell phone and charger in, and they will mail you a few bucks! It might not be very much, but it’s a better option than having your old phone lie around!

If you have any textbooks lying around from previous semesters, put them to good use! University bookstores often by them back, or better yet put them on eBay! Chances are there is another student at another university who needs the same textbook you used in the past. Sometimes they will sell for more if they come pre-highlighted!

If you are an entrepreneurial type, keep 12 packs of different types of soda around, and sell cans for fifty cents each. If everyone knows about your service, you can make a lot of money. If you buy a 12 pack for $3.00, you are making a 50% profit! This would also work for about any commonly used good on campus. Buy in bulk at Wal Mart, and sell individually.

In some parts of the world, blood banks will offer you a cash incentive to come in and donate blood or plasma. It might not be a lot of money, but you have some blood to spare! An extra $25 would buy enough groceries for a couple of weeks!

Of course these are just a few ideas on how to find extra cash in college. Who knows what great entrepreneurial idea you will come up with? If you work hard, be persistent, and keep thinking, the next great way to make money while in college might come out of your mind!

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