7 Steps To Perfect Web Designing

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We come across many posts and tutorials on web designing. But usually don’t find much posts on where the web designers must pay attention. So, I’m here to share some tips for web designers. These are few, which I thought can help a lot in web designing, and yet there will be more. You can discover some by your own. You just need to think big and don’t just limit yourself to the web designing job of yours. Let’s get started then:

Put your Ideas on Paper

7 Steps To Perfect Web Designing

When you’re given a web designing job, don’t just start working on specialized designing tools like Photoshop. It is a good approach to first put your ideas, your thoughts, your plans and all those client requirements on a paper. Once you start putting your ideas on paper, you’ll be generating more ideas and perhaps better ones.

Choose your Typography

7 Steps To Perfect Web Designing

Experts recommend not using more than 2 typos in a website. But sometimes you can go beyond, depending all on the type of the project. Same goes with text colors. Don’t forget to make key areas and texts more prominent than others. Play with call to actions. Use h1-h3 tags for headlines, although many would recommend to use h1-h6. But I would recommend h1-h3 tags. H1 for the main headline, h2 for the secondary and h3 for others.

Select the Color Theme

7 Steps To Perfect Web Designing

Though, colors do attract eyes and some web designs do attract eyes even when they have used bunch of colors or color tones. But for the most it is viable to use a limited set of colors. It is better to blend the website color with that of the company logo, as logo will also be taking its place on the webpage. Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and Pinterest can be some inspirations for your new web design.

Divide the Sections

7 Steps To Perfect Web Designing

It is easy to stuff your website with lot of contents. But is really hard to make it simple. Make the website that is easy to navigate and look. Use white spaces to give users a room to breathe. You would probably remember websites which have loads of stuff, less white spaces and it was like a puzzle to grab the information, you were looking for. Those are out of fashion. And now to stay in business, web designers have to give a website which are attractive and yet simple.

Think you are Designing for a Contest

7 Steps To Perfect Web Designing

Contests are challenges, with some prizes. And for these, we work real hard. Although, we know we are not a part of any contest, but on a designing job for a client. Yet if you think deep, you’ll discover that you’re really in a contest. A contest with yourself! When you know that you’re designing for a contest, you’ll put in your efforts to make your project winning. You’ll be getting new ideas. And even if your design is not appreciated the way you were thinking, you don’t have to let your hopes go down. But think that it was just one contest, you’ll be participating in a lot more. And you’ll have to win the nest time.

You and the Client must be on the Same Page

7 Steps To Perfect Web Designing

When working for a client, the client will be giving you with some ideas and will also hope the same from you. And this is how good designs are generated and you win your client. But when you try to make your design the client’s design, you will probably lose your client. No need to put pressure on your clients, to accept your design as best suitable for them. Even if your web design is really the best suitable for you, you still must not force your client. Understand client’s needs, take ideas, present them with your as well and then get on the same page. You can put in your creative ideas for your own web design.

Love your Ideas but don’t get too Attached

7 Steps To Perfect Web Designing

It is harder to leave the things we are too attached to. This goes right for web designing as well. Do love your work but don’t get too attached to them. Your client might not like them. And if you’re too attached to them, it will be hard for you to let them leave your mind. And no matter what the client is asking for, you come up with the same idea, which the client is not loving. This will also limit your creativity, as you might be designing websites keeping those highly-attached designs.

I have seen many restless web designers, when they are new to web designing. They just start designing on Photoshop, with not much ideas in mind and then they usually face failure. And clients are restless themselves, they need quick response, with effective ideas. So if you’re new to web designing, it is better to start your career with some top web designing company. And if you’re considering a new web design, you better look for a top-notch web designing company.

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