10 Reasons We Need Comprehensive Sex Education in Our Schools

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The whole idea of sex education in our schools, and how comprehensive sex education should be are controversial subjects. The more conservative people in our society would rather just tell kids to abstain and leave it at that, but does that really solve our problem? I don’t think so, this whole idea harkens back to the days of marrying young girls off to older men without telling them about what a wedding night entails. Too little information in my mind can be just as bad as giving kids the wrong kind of information.

Here are 10 reasons why we need comprehensive sex education in our schools:

1. Sex is not a topic that kids are discussing at home with their parents.

Many parents aren’t comfortable discussing sex, and prefer to hope that their children are figuring it out from other sources such as television, movies, their friends and school. This is a dangerous hit and miss method that leaves kids in the dark, and causes them to make in some cases disastrous mistakes.

2. Kids are bombarded daily by the media with sexual topics and images.

All you have to do these days is turn on the television, read the newspaper, or surf the internet to find sexual themed media. Our kids have easy access to it, and these media often do not provide accurate information.

3. Studies have shown that when kids are given comprehensive sex education in school, the rates for teens getting pregnant or contracting std’s goes down.

4. Children are having sex at earlier ages.

63% of kids who are high school age have had sex by the time they reach their senior year (source). If this isn’t a scary thought to parents of teens, it should be, especially if they haven’t taken the time to sit their kids down and explain consequences.

5. Rates for teens getting and transmitting std’s are soaring. That’s right, our kids are clearly not getting the message about safe sex practices because the rates on teens and std’s are up and climbing. We need to educate our kids before they get to the point of being sexually active so they don’t wind up contracting diseases and or getting pregnant in the first place.

6. Telling kids to abstain, or “just say no” to sex only fuels the fire. Often when you tell a kid not to do something without explaining why, they are going to go right out and do it anyway. This is human nature. It is far better to give kids all the information so they can make judicious choices, instead of leaving them in the dark with the phrase, “just say no.”

7. Some are worried that providing too much information to kids on sex will encourage them to have sex, but in a study the World Health Organization did of 35 sex education programs from around the world, there was no evidence that programs which were comprehensive when it came to sex education encouraged kids to be sexually active. The same study found that programs that taught abstinence only were less effective than the comprehensive sex education programs.

8. Surveys taken during the last 20 years say that 80 to 85% of parents in America want comprehensive sex education in schools. This in and of itself should be a red flag that parents are not teaching their kids about sex, but are instead relying on the schools to do it. So, this is another reason schools should provide comprehensive sex education to kids.

9. Having comprehensive sex education in schools makes dialogue between kids and their parents more likely. This is when parents have the opportunity to educate kids about their own views regarding sex, and to supplement whatever kids are being taught in school regarding sex.

10. Sex education is about more than just keeping our kids from having kids before they are ready or getting std’s, it is also about making sure they understand the emotional and psychological pitfalls of sex, and how these can affect them.

In order to help our kids make informed decisions regarding sex, we need to have comprehensive sex education in all our schools. If this issue is not addressed by our schools and we leave it up to the media, parents who either aren’t comfortable or just simply refuse to discuss the topic, or our kids’ friends, then we have to be prepared for higher rates of pregnant teens, kids getting std’s at earlier ages, as well as possible increases in pre-teen, and teen depression, and suicide rates, all of which can be linked to kids having sex before they are ready and or have all the facts.

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